Fifth European Freshwater Turtle Breeders’ Convention organized by CHELONIA 2002 Freshwater Turtle Breeding Center and SO.HE.VA. (Sociedad Herpetologica Valenciana) Valencia, Spain, March 25-27, 2011

Location: Centre Cultural de Picanya
Plaça País Valencià, 9
46210 Picanya – Valencia
Tel.: +34 663612504

José-Maria Lopez

International visitors:

– Members of Chelonia 2002 only! Please register with Harald Artner –

– Spanish visitors: please register with José-Maria Lopez –

Attendance fees: The symposium is free of charge for speakers, members of CHELONIA 2002 and SOHEVA ! Non-members pay Euro 10.-

Important: Conference language will be English only. For information about accommodation contact José-Maria Lopez –

Preliminary Program

Friday, March 25

19:30 Meeting and dinner.

Saturday, March 26

08:50 Welcome speech – Harald ARTNER & José-Maria LOPEZ

09:00 New breeding successes with the African turtles of the genus Pelusios – Ferry GRÜNEWALD, Zaandam, The Netherlands and Harald ARTNER, Sitzenberg-Reidling, Austria

10:15 Breeding South American snake-neck turtles of the genus Hydromedusa – Oliver RÖMPP, Dewangen, Germany

11:30 The tortoises of the Galapagos Islands – Jordi HERNANDEZ OLMEDO, Barcelona, Spain

12:45 Keeping and breeding the Amboina Box Turtle Cuora amboinensis – Davide CARLINO, Rome, Italy

13:15 Keeping and breeding the Western Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta bellii – Fernando VEGA GIL, Valencia, Spain

14:30 Lunch break

16:00 Captive propagation and breeding of the four species of the South American sideneck turtle genus Acanthochelys – Harald ARTNER, Sitzenberg-Reidling, Austria & Oliver RÖMPP, Dewangen, Germany

17:15 Extreme Hibernation of Freshwater Turtles: Anoxia, Hypoxia and Freezing – José-Maria LOPEZ, Valencia, Spain

18:15 Freshwater turtles of Uruguay: diagnosis, distribution patterns and conservation – Manuel MERCHAN, Madrid, Spain

19:30 The Amazon, a turtle’s paradise – Jan MICHELS, Kiel, Germany

20:45 End of talks

21:00 Dinner at a Valencian restaurant


Sunday, March 27

09:00 The subspecies of the Eastern Box Turtle Terrapene carolina and their breeding in captivity – José-Maria LOPEZ, Valencia, Spain

10:00 Adaptive divergence of the genus Rhinoclemmys in Costa Rica, Central America – Manuel MERCHAN, Madrid, Spain

11:00 Construction of freshwater turtle facilities – Andy HIGHFIELD, The Tortoise Trust, London, UK

End of the conference at approximately 12:00 noon.